TOPOSENS has a powerful network of partners

Toposens started incubation at ESA BIC Bavaria in 09/2016! For the next 18 monts, we will benefit from the support program and work towards a sensor with space connection!

Good news, everyone!  Toposens got accepted into the challenge Up! IoT Acclerator. We are excited and curious about the products we will develop with our new partners: IntelCisco, and Deutsche Telekom.

TechFounders is a 20 week accelerator based in Munich, with strong support by the huge mentor network and the business partners engagement. The program ends with a demo day, where our advancement is shown to clients and investors.

We are supported by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. By sponsoring Toposens the institute allows us to get an office in the startup incubator at Lothstraße 21 in 80797 Munich, together with many other ambitious and innovative startups.

The BizSpark program support us with the newest software of Microsoft for an efficient working environment.

Toposens is also funded by the EU (ESF) and the German government with the EXIST Founders Scholarship (125.000 €) for especially innovative startups.

The BayStartup network gives us access to coaches, workshops, business model analysis and investor contacts.

Bitkom is Germany's digital association and represents more than 2,300 companies in the digital economy, among them 300 start-ups and almost all global players. Through Bitkom we get access to clients, politics and events.


.Ontop we have further hardware supporters, bringing us the newest technology, before it hits the shelves.