Smart Home with 3D Ultrasound

Turn your home into a smart home by using non-intrusive 3D ultrasound sensors to track your position and control your connected devices accordingly!

3d ultrasound smart home

Counting and locating people for automatic adjustment of heating and lighting. Thorough analysis of your daily routines through consistent people tracking. Presence detection to control an integrated alarm system that connects to your smartphone.


With the right sensor, hardware and software, you can turn your home into your digital playground. However, the amenities as described above, can not only become reality for savvy developers, but also for everyone else, in the near future.



The Toposens sensor is the ideal solution for your smart home!


The Toposens smart home sensor is small and discrete and therefore suitable for every room. It is robust (dust is no problem) and can also see through complete darkness! Further, you do not have to worry about your privacy, because the sensor offers maximum privacy protection (we do not use any optical components, you are not constantly filmed!). Finally, the system will be affordable, so you can turn your whole home smart!


Besides pure people tracking, the sensor will be able to also conduct other commands, such as gesture control. You will therefore be able to seamlessly interact with your electronic devices.


Got any other ideas, that you want to see realized in our smart home sensor? Let us know!