Retail Analytics with 3D Ultrasound

Get to know your customers better by understanding their behaviour! We offer a non-intrusive option to analyze customer behaviour by using ultrasound.

3d ultrasound retail analytics


Visitor flows through brick-and-mortar retail stores offer lots of interesting information. They can give information about

  1. A/B testing shop design and sales strategies
  2. Precise determination of the success of marketing campaigns
  3. Work schedule optimization
  4. Increasing customer satisfaction (e.g. measured by increased stay time)

Unfortunately, oftentimes this potential is wasted because store managers cannot get hold of the necessary data to analyze customer flows. Customer behavior then stays forever a black box – and the success of marketing campaigns can only be roughly guessed.


If you want to improve your sales based on statistical data, it is necessary to use a sensor that can give precise information about customer flows, that is


  1. How many people are entering and exiting the shop and at which time?
  2. Where do they move along inside the store?
  3. Where do customers stop to look at products?
  4. Where do they reach inside shelves to pick things up?
  5. How much time do they spend inside the store?


Retail analytics can give an answer to these questions by determining the position of visitors throughout the retail store. From the exact position, you can deduce the answer to the above listed questions.


Toposens offers the ideal sensor for people counting and people tracking to gain data for retail analytics. The sensor is robust (different lighting conditions, dust etc. are no problem), precise and it protects privacy. Faces cannot be identified and therefore, people stay anonymous while their exact position inside the store is located. Customers are not disturbed because of the small build size and the discrete design (no optical lens!) of the sensor.


Presence detection, as shown in the video below, is therefore, the key to successful analysis of your store. Retail analytics offer a huge potential for improvement if applied successfully and with the right devices. However, many available sensors can only be used to count people at the entrance. If you only count customers when they are entering or exiting your store, a lot of information is lost on the way and you miss the chance to optimize the customer experience! Be clear about your needs before you acquire a sensor!



If you are interested in using the Toposens sensor for retail analytics in your store, please contact us!