Counting Passengers for Public Transport

Count your passengers to analyze their behaviour, utilization rate of your routes, peak times and compare passengers to actual ticket fare income.

3d ultrasound people counting


As a mobility provider, you need to be well informed about the number of your customers as well as their behaviour. With 3D ultrasound sensors, you can keep track with your passenger numbers and behaviour. We give you the possibility to recognize changes in bahviour or bigger trends over time and act accordingly.


By constantly checking your utilization rates, you will find ways to optimize your schedule. Passenger numbers can be observed throughout days and nights and changes over time can quickly be detected.


Advantages over existing technologies include:


  • Completely non-intrusive

People are not disturbed by public transport employees carrying out surveys. Further, they do not feel observed, as they are by installed cameras. Since we do not use any optical components, most passengers won't even notice that they are being counted.


  • Robust

The sensor's accuracy is not reduced by factors such as blinding sunlight, changing lighting or temperature conditions, dust or dirt. Its performance is not impacted by shocks.


  • Vandal-resistant

Our sensors cannot simply be put out of action by e.g. colouring a lens or using physical violence. 



If you are interested in public transport applications, please contact us!