Counting People with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor

Count your customers, event attendees, booth visitors, employees etc. by using non-intrusive 3D ultrasound sensors to gain more knowledge about your operations!

3d ultrasound people counting

Counting people can help you make sense of their behaviour in various situations. You can use manpower to count people manually and risk human errors by doing so. However, you can also count people using sensors and by that capture a more comprehensive picture.


  • People counting for retail analytics

If you do not want to track customers throughout your whole store (or do not want to spend the money to do so), you can also simply observe your entrance with a sensor and capture the number of people going in and out of your store.


  • Counting visitors at trade shows, events etc.

The 3D ultrasound sensor can be used as a mobile solution, e.g. to measure the performance of your trade show booth or keep track with the security regulations at your event. 


  • People counting for building automation

If you know the number of people that are present, e.g. in meeting rooms or offices, you can analyze utilization rates and even control your heating by adapting it to the current number of people present.



If you are interested in counting people, please contact us!