Virtual Reality with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor

The unique set of characteristics of our 3D ultrasound sensor enables the advancement of use-cases and the creation of innovative applications, e.g. in virtual reality.


Virtual Reality technology advances quickly and is becoming more and more popular with consumers. However, there are some issues that remain unsolved up to now. Positional change of the head of the user, for example, still represents a problem for most VR devices. Due to the reasonably fast pace (60 Hertz for rather small distance) as well as the small build size, low power consumption and quick processing, our sensor could be a suitable solution. This results in a reliable source for positional changes even for fast head movements.

Our sophisticated algorithms can be used to develop advanced applications in the future. The sensor enables completely new applications, which have not been realized up to now due to the lack of the appropriate technology. The Toposens 3D sensor will encourage the creation of new products, the optimization of processes and the facilitation of everyday life.


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