Robotics with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor

The Toposens 3D ultrasound sensor gives robots a simplified yet precise image of its surroundings and thus enables it to better interact with its environment.


3d ultrasound robotics


Industrial Automation requires robots and machine to better interact with their environment. Prerequisite for this interaction are powerful sensors, which translate the analog world into digital information that these robots can work with. The Toposens technology enables robots to act independently, intelligently and efficiently.


In addition to the big need of industry for robots, robots will also become a commodity for every household in the next few years. These household robots have slightly different requirements concerning sensors – small build size, low power consumption, low price. Toposens can serve these needs with the 3D ultrasound sensor.


The combination of the Toposens 3D ultrasound sensor and SLAM algorithms give robots the possibility to navigate around freely.


Robotics Applications

  • Logistics

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly being used in the logistics sector. With this technology, warehouse processes, will be taken over by autonomously moving logistics robots by and by in the future. To give these robots the ability to independently interact with their environment, they need powerful sensors to ensure safety for their human colleagues.


  • Stationary robots

For cooperation with humans, robots and robot arms that stay in one place and conduct repetitive tasks, need sensor vision as well. Quickly moving robots might be a danger to workers. Therefore, the Toposens sensor is also able to monitor whole areas of danger and detect people in zones marked as dangerous.


  • Vacuum cleaner

One example of household robots are vacuum cleaners. Right now, these robots already have a range of sensors built in. However, these sensors cannot provide the robot with 3D vision and therefore the vacuum cleaner works inefficiently. The Toposens sensor can improve household robots’ efficiency vastly. In the video below, you can see the difference.


Advantages of 3D Ultrasound for Robotics

  • Robustness

Especially industrial applications need sensors that can withstand unpleasant conditions. Due to the use of ultrasound, the Toposens sensor can see through dirt, dust, rain or darkness. Blinding sunlight or reflecting surfaces are no problem for the ultrasound sensor.


  • Small build size

Lean household robots do not provide room for big sensor hardware. The Toposens 3D ultrasound is small, lightweight and uses very little power. It can therefore be used to equip also small robots without compromising performance.