Gesture Control with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor


The Toposens 3D ultrasound sensor lets you effortlessly control your machines and robots with hand and finger movements in the air.



As can be seen in the video above, the sensor reacts to tiny movements of the hand and is thus able to precisely control devices. Shaking movements can be filtered to appear smooth and clean to correct for sloppily conducted commands. Due to its precision, the sensor can recognize gestures from easy swipes to complex 3D patterns.

Gesture Control Applications

Example areas of application for the sensor include gesture recognition in


  • Consumer electronics devices (e.g. smart TV, smart phone)

Seamless communication with your electronic devices at home!

  • Human-Machine-Interaction

Collaboration between humans and machines can be further facilitated by clearing the obstacle of communication through touchscreens etc.

  • Medical Products

Simply increase the level of hygiene in critical environments, such as operating rooms, by handling your monitors via gesture control.

  • Interactive advertisement

Offer your audience something memorable by having them interact with your advertisement on digital billboards!

  • Automotive

Perform easy swipe moves instead of fumbling for buttons - the sensor enables you to intuitively control your entertainment system with small gestures and therefore increases safety!


Advantages of 3D Ultrasound for Gesture Control

Precise position detection is the prerequisite for a high-performance gesture control sensor. Beyond this capability, the Toposens sensor offers an important set of advantages to its users:


  • Small build size

Due to its small build size and low power consumption, the 3D ultrasound sensor can easily be integrated into portable devices.


  • Robustness

The sensor keeps performing properly also in inconvenient situations, e.g. when there is dirt or dust covering the sensor. It works independently from your lighting situation. This ability ensures great gesture recognition results also under harsh conditions and in critical situations.


  • Convenience and improved hygiene

The sensor makes the constant need to touch screens, buttons or surfaces obsolete. Gesture control therefore increases convenience (e.g. work gloves no longer have to be taken off) and hygienic standards (no need to touch dirty interfaces anymore!).