Genius Hardware Assembly - High End Technology Enables Disruptive Systems 

Our embedded systems are state of the art, using the most modern technology to develop groundbreaking new sensor systems. We are scanning the market for the best parts and the most sophisticated solutions out there, to always be at the high end of technology. 

Software and Algorithms Balancing Power and Simplicity

The software and algorithms Toposens develops, always aim to get the most out of the applied hardware, while we optimize for low energy consumption, minimum needed processing power and very high reliability of our systems. This is the "mantra" for our software development. Make it powerful, but keep it simple!

Basic Technology: Time of Flight - Like the Echolocation of a Bat

Through the time of flight principle the times of echoes are precisely measured. Our technology works like the echolocation of a bat or yourself shouting in the mountains. When a wave of sound or light hits on surrounding objects, the sound gets reflected and is sent back to the emitter. 

The Future of Acoustic 3D Sensing

Our sensor enables technology to see by sound. Have a look at how we will be able to perceive a room with sound in the future. By using ultrasound we get essential information about the objects in a room, without wasting performance for irrelevant details.