3D Ultrasound Sensor Evaluation Kit


Toposens gives your products the ability to see the environment through 3D ultrasonic machine vision.


With the Evaluation Kit we grant you access to our disruptive technology as one of the first clients worldwide. We want you to test our innovative technology and to see how precisely it detects the 3D position of objects and people and therefore enables the realization of countless innovative applications, such as touch-free interaction with electronic devices, anonymous people tracking or collision avoidance for autonomous vehicles. Further information on the technology can be found in our FAQs!


The Evaluation Kit includes the Toposens Ultrasound Sensor V 1.2 and is ready-to-use. Configuration of the data output is possible through the modification of various parameters for the perfect use case setup. Through the Visualization Software Tool you can easily understand the data output and the adjustments of parameters for fast and easy prototyping.


If you want to be among the first ones to test our disruptive technology, please contact us via the form below! We will contact you and provide you with more information!



Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor V 1.2
Size: approx. 100 x 45 x 21 mm

Opening angle: 60° - 100°

Range: 0,01 - 6 m

Frame rate: 10 - 60 fps

Interface: Bluetooth, USB-UART

Technical Documentation

Extensive description of the hardware and software setup



Plug&Play graphic user interface for visualization

of the sensor data
Multiple thresholds and filters for modification

of various parameters

Fast and easy prototyping


Optional: Expert Support

Our experts help you set up the Evaluation Kit

and integrate it into your application onsite


The Evaluation Kit can be used for various use-cases. In general, you can use it to detect and track hands, people and objects. With these capabilities, it can be used for gesture control, building automation, retail analytics, collision avoidance for robotics and many others. Please find below a video, which gives you an impression of how the Toposens Evaluation Kit can be used!




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