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Ultrasound will finally make it possible to bring 3D vision to every aspect of life. Sophisticated performance combined with small build size and great robustness offer endless opportunities to create or refine your application. 


Toposens 3D Sensor


Toposens develops 3D sensors that are based on ultrasound. Through our powerful software, the sensor enables the precise detection of objects in real time and provides non-optical vision for technical objects, such as robots, autonomous vehicles or IoT-Systems. This completely new method of positioning generates new ways in the sensor technology due to the possibility of seeing the world via sound as a digital image in real time. In contrast to existing ultrasonic sensors, the Toposens sensor perceives real 3D position information of objects in its surroundings.


Our sensor is characterized by high precision, robustness, energy efficiency and its small size. This combination gives the sensor system of Toposens the perfect prerequisites to be integrated into various technologies and to open up new fields of applications.


Our sensor works similar like the echolocation of a bat: We emit an ultrasound signal, every object reflects this signal and using the time-of-flight principle we can reconstruct the precise locations of objects and people in a room.

Advantages of 3D Ultrasound Sensor Technology

The use of ultrasound technology makes it possible to build a sensor that is simultaneously robust and small while also being competitively priced.


This combination of characteristics makes the 3D ultrasound sensor suitable for mobile applications, for rough environments (3D sensor for outdoor use) and for applications that have to comply with strict privacy standards.





The 3D ultrasound sensor can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dirt or dust. Due to the use of sound (and not optical components as 3D cameras or 3D laser sensors do) the sensor does not have any problems with darkness, reflecting or transparent objects.



Small Size & Low Power Consumption


The Toposens sensor is very mobile – it is small, lightweight and uses little power. It can be powered by batteries and the data can be transmitted wirelessly. These characteristics render the sensor an excellent choice for mobile applications, such as small robots or drones.


High Precision



The 3D ultrasound sensor perceives positions of objects and people very precisely. It can determine 3D positions with an accuracy of approx. one centimeter. 



Privacy Protection


The Toposens sensor works with anonymous data, we cannot identify faces or precise structures and thus ensure maximum privacy protection! The sensor does not use any optical parts, such as a lens, and is thus very discrete. Customers will not recognize the sensor and thus will not feel observed.



The Toposens sensor can be used for various applications. It can be applied to detect people, e.g. as a people counter or as a smart home sensor. It can also be used for object detection, e.g. for collision avoidance for robots or cars. Further, the 3d ultrasound sensor can also recognize gestures.


Please see our applications page for more inspiration!

3D Ultrasound Sensor Technology at a Glance

3D Ultrasound Sensor

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3D Ultrasound Sensor (USS3D) Evaluation Kit

For testing purposes, we provide an Evaluation Kit that includes the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor V 1.0 and a plug&play user interface, which allows you to start testing right away.


More information can be found below. If you are interested in the Evaluation Kit, just fill in your contact data and we will send you further information.